Kith & Kin
What is Kith & Kin
Kith & Kin (Friends & Family) is Aliana's Community Council.  A nonprofit organization that seeks to develop a vibrant and caring community committed to Connecting, Lifelong Learning, Embracing Arts and Culture, Healthy Living and Giving Back.

Bringing people together through programs, events, clubs and other opportunities for personal interactions while encouraging volunteerism and leadership growth

Lifelong Learning
Supporting and promoting a variety of educational opportunities throughout all stages of life

Embracing Arts & Culture
Enriching lives through the cultivation and support of arts and culture

Healthy Living
Fostering physical well-being, social interaction and environmental awareness while meeting the needs of today's generation without compromising the needs of tomorrow's

Giving Back
Participating in the betterment of Aliana and the community around them through volunteerism, service and philanthropic endeavors

Who benefits from Kith & Kin
Aliana residents enjoy the events, activities and programs sponsored Kith & Kin. Kith & Kin also creates partnerships with schools, local business and civic groups, as well as other nonprofit organizations to create a broader sense of community interaction in AIiana.

What is the difference between Kith & Kin and the HOA and how is it funded?
Kith & Kin is a separate entity working in tandem with the Aliana Community Association (HOA), with separate governing documents and budgets. Currently, the funding comes from two sources of enhancement fees. Currently our community builders contribute at the lime of lot purchase (.25% of a projected home price by product). This provides up-front funding to Kith & Kin. The second source comes from the homeowner when they sell their home (.25% of the selling price). These resources allow the community experience to grow independent of the HOA and help ensure that programs, events, activities, and enhancements to Aliana have ongoing, stable funding.

A separate Board of Directors oversees the work of Kith & Kin. The Board of Directors through various means and methods monitor the community's interest levels in order to better tailor community events, activities, programs and community enhancements.

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